Dr. Kenneth Rolt

 Oceanographic Engineering


Residency: Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Languages: English

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Doctor of Philosophy

                    University of Northern Michigan

                     University of Massachusetts at Amherst

                    Northern Essex Community College



Alyson Azzara, VIP


University: Texas A&M University at Galveston Alum

Degree: Doctorate, Marine Biology/ Master of Science Oceanography

Residency: Washington DC

Citizenship: United States of America

Languages: English and Spanish


"Working with the MCERC was a great opportunity to get back on the water with a small group of talented up and coming scientists as a mentor. I was able, I hope, to impart some of my lessons learned through my career in academics and research and they taught me some skills for land based observations and small boat work in which I had yet to have the opportunity to participate. It was a fantastic experience and one I hope many more researchers will take advantage and become involved. It is most definitely VIP approved!"


Brian Bloodworth

Permitting office


Erzulie Clarke 

Team Counseling Strategies


Degree:  Master’s Business Administration

Master’s Arts; Guidance and Counseling (in progress)

Associate, American Sign Language (in progress)

Education: Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Residency: Elmendorf, Texas

Citizenship: United States of America

Languages: English


"The humpback whale research program provided an amazing opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures.  The dynamics between students, instructors, and the ancillary members of the team gave me an opportunity to apply the skills I am developing in the Guidance and Counseling master’s program. This week was different than anything I have experienced and I anticipate the impact will give me a broader perspective for working with future groups."


Faculty note: Ms. Clarke joined the MCERC team as an adviser to help us maintain a positive environment for education and research.


Joshua Morel

Teaching Assistant


Education: Interameriana University: Puerto Rico. USA

Hometown: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Languages: English and Spanish


Mike Morel   (March 2012-Feb 2015)



Degree: B.A. in Accounting & General Business Administration

Education: InterAmerican University at San German, Puerto Rico

Residency: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, U.S.A.

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Languages: English, Spanish


Interests & Accomplishments:

I came to Puerto Rico in 1973 after graduating from high school to work at the Puerto Rico International Undersea Laboratory (PRINUL). My responsibilities included providing daily support as a diver to those staying in the underwater laboratory known as “La Chalupa” at depths of 50 to 100 feet for periods of two weeks at a time. Later, I was employed with the United States Treasury Department for 32 years (now retired).

I have an interest in nature photography, especially the local marine life and also birds found in Puerto Rico, including some of the endangered, endemic, and invasive species. My photos of birds have been published in several reference books, magazines and local newspaper articles and have been used to illustrate several scientific studies including one for the extremely endangered Puerto Rican Nightjar. I have provided assistance to graduate students in need of reference photos for research papers and presentations and also provided numerous photos to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife for their S.E. Region Endangered Species web page and the Puerto Rico DNR for educational material. My involvement with MCERC includes providing support as a photographer on board the research vessel, and working with students to learn and improve techniques for capturing images of wildlife suitable for scientific analysis.



I became a certified Scuba diver in 1972 at the age of 16 and in 1973 I came to Puerto Rico to work at the International Undersea Laboratory (PRINUL) providing support as a diver for the underwater laboratory known as “La Chalupa”. I continued my field work as a naturalist, including working on the whale watching vessel “The Viking Starship”, while completing my degree in business and working with the U.S Treasury Dept for 32 years and just recently retired.

In 1993 I acquired a boat and , for the next 18 years, collected photographs, recordings of humpback whale songs, and noted observations of humpback whales, dolphins and other marine life along the west coast of Puerto Rico with my wife and two sons.


Captain Michael Lopez



Residency: Puerto Rico, USA

Citizenship: U.S.A.

Languages: English, Spanish

Experience: Coast Guard certified captain

Boat specifications: “Yellowdoña”: 32’ Eduardoño model 32′, Two mercury outboard motors (2 stroke), Bimini top-sunshade



I have been working on the waters off Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for over 15 years. My current work includes captain of a boat for the United States Coast Guard training exercises and a research vessel for data collection for the MCERC team under their federal and local permits (DRNA, NMFS, MMPA, ESA). I provide on-the-water experiences for people who live and vacation in Puerto Rico looking for snorkeling, SCUBA, fishing, sunset cruises, and many other water related activities.



“Adventure Tours in Puerto Rico, USA” is my company in Puerto Rico. I started this business to provide people with a means to experience the beautiful Caribbean waters off Puerto Rico. One of my favorite destination spots, Desecheo Island, is inaccessible to visitors without an experienced captain. I grew up in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and live there with my family. My wife is very supportive as I work long hours on the waters off Puerto Rico from Isabella to La Parguera!


Captain Jeffrey Albrecht


Sarah Piwetz

Timothy Rowell

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